Wrenches 101

Working with wrenches alot? if you’re starting a collection, you should also include:

Open-end wrenches

These are common two-sided wrenches where each side is a different size. They function much like an adjustable wrench but are usually smaller, and because their jaws are fixed, they can create a better grip. The downside? You may need a lot of sizes for all your future projects..

Box or closed wrenches

These wrenches use ring-like grips to fit right over the fastener you’re working on and are less likely to strip a nut or bolt as a result. Though they fit into tighter spaces, they can only be used if there’s enough room to slip the ring over the object being gripped.

Note! Combination wrenches combine open-end and box wrenches, with one type on each side of the handle..

Socket wrenches

Socket wrenches with ratcheting handles can speed your work right up. The sockets fit over the fastener and can tighten or loosen a bolt like a typical wrench, but the ratchet feature allows you to skip repositioning the socket for every turn. You can simply swing the handle back to the starting point and turn again.

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