What is Carbon Fibre Strengthening?

FRP Carbon Fibre Reinforcing Systems by Simpson Strong-Tie – EBOSS

Carbon fibre is a solid and durable material applied externally to give additional strength to concrete structures. This reinforced polymer strengthens the structure placed to carry increased loads or if the system’s design is inadequate. The process is called carbon fibre strengthening. The fibres of the carbon are woven into a matrix of polymer resin to form a suitable material. The material is made lightweight, still with high strength to weigh the ratio in its original form.

Advantages and uses of CFRP as a strengthening system

  • It makes the structure non-corroding.
  •  It is the best combination of high stiffness and strength.
  • It has outstanding fatigue resistance and durability.
  • It does not require any joints as it has unlimited strength and a low system of its thickness.
  • It is effortless and convenient to transport as it is light in weight and at the same time. It is easy to install too without any support, be it temporary or permanent.

Uses of carbon fibre fabric

1. Precast concrete constructions

The precast concrete construction is famous for its standard steel reinforcement that is used in the outer as well as its inner sections. The same areas are quickly replaced by the grids or the sheets of the carbon fibres.

2. For reinforcements

Carbon fibres strengthening is used as external reinforcement for the columns and therefore is taking a role in the rehabilitation too. The method also reduces the need for extra work of anchoring and installation.

3. Bridge constructions

Carbon fibres are often used to construct cables, decks, load-bearing structures, and their supports.

Why is carbon fibre strengthening used?

The carbon fibre plates improve, increase, or repair the performance and the concrete structure’s resistance. If the plates are placed strategically, these strengthening plates can be bonded to the substantial element to carry the capacity and increased loads’ stiffness.

 The reason carbon fibre is so strong and supporting is that carbon fibre is made up of carbon atoms that bonded together in a chain-like pattern. A very tightly packed material is likely not to break and is resistant to it.

Carbon fibre is often called graphite fibre which is a solid and light-weighted material worth replacing the steel in any structure. Carbon fibre is approximately ten times stronger than steel and around eight times stronger than aluminium. And not just that, it is even five times lighter than the steel and about 1.5 times lighter than the aluminium.

Overall, the carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) is one of the most composite materials used to repair and strengthen the concrete structures. Thus, it is primarily used in specialised and high-performance products like aircraft, sports equipment, and even race cars.

How to get a carbon fibre strengthening service?

Many engineering and construction firms reach Carbon Fibre Strengthening firms to get cost-effective services performed by the experts. The companies use their top testing equipment to check required adhesive levels and then perform their practical designing approach. Slabtec is one such company which has sustainable systems and strategies for site analysis, fast and safe installation of CFRP systems, and a proven customised solution.