Vases, Candle Holders, and Ornaments: X Essential Rules For Styling Shelving

Styling Shelving

When it comes to decorating our homes, many of us like to fill our shelves and small spaces with knick knacks such as vases, candle holders and ornaments. These kind of touches can add a personal touch and help carry the same interior design style throughout your home. It is however a fine line between accessorizing and making things too cluttered. Keep reading for our essential rules for styling shelving the sleek way.


Less Is More

It is easy to get carried away when styling your shelves so resist the temptation to pile everything on all at once. A nice way to filter down your ornaments and vases is to only display pieces that have real meaning to you and therefore show some of your personality. Take time to build up your collection and purchase things as they catch your eye, not just out of necessity. When looking for shelves in the first place, you can go for something wooden and chunky or sleeker and metal, just match it to work with the rest of your interior. There’s plenty of cheap furniture out there, so you’re sure to find various shelving options to suit your taste and budget.

Add Colour

Why not think about using the items on your shelves to add a bit of colour to your room? If you are not feeling bold enough or don’t have the budget to make changes such as painting the walls or getting a new sofa, introduce some colour and intrigue to your shelving. You could pick a few key colours and spread these throughout the shelf. Fresh flowers are a nice way to do this without being too overwhelming or permanent and you could also add small pieces of art. Break up the colour with some metal or metallic ornaments and candle holders to ensure a sleek style.

Mix And Match

Often when it comes to shelving, we tend to think of it as just storage space for books, but the humble shelf is far more versatile than that! Mix and match what you display on your shelves for an eclectic look that doesn’t try so hard. Stack some of your books vertically, with just a few horizontal, and then combine them with things like trinkets from your travels and family photos. You could display your favourite books as well as some stylish, popular titles for a mix of high and low chic. Pairing these different elements together is a great way to add a personal touch and ideal if you are renting and cannot make permanent changes.

Always Remember The Weight

Lastly, a practical tip to consider is the weight of the items on your shelves. Chunky and heavier items will look better at the bottom of your display and be safer if something were to fall. Dainty items such as trinket boxes will look good anywhere but bigger boxes will be more visually appealing on the bottom of your shelving or underneath. Just remember, when kitting out your shelf, the last thing you want is an empty space where the shelf should be. So keep the weight in mind and don’t go overboard!

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