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Things to Look for in a Midwife

The one who take care of both the woman and the baby during birth is the midwife. Sometimes, the service a midwife offers go beyond her duties and responsibilities. This can be said and done if the midwife also takes care of the woman and the baby during the pregnancy and postpartum period as well. This is perhaps the basic definition of a midwife. However, the majority defines a midwife in various ways depending on their location or where they are living. In the United Kingdom for example, the midwife is considered to be a medical professional who provide prenatal care and is usually found in a hospital or birth centers. The midwife on Netherlands is the person who is in charge of the Dutch pregnancies which basically covers the entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. On the other hand, the midwife in a third world country is considered to be just a birth assistant. They can be highly trained but still considered to be a birth assistant. The United States is considered to have the most definition can be labeled to a midwife.

It is a sweet haven for a woman to expect a baby. And many women prefer to ask for an assistance and guidance from a midwife to make the process easier and even less overwhelming. If that so, there are ways to consider in choosing a midwife since each one of them do things differently. The midwife you must choose should be compatible with you to have a comfortable relationship and stress-free pregnancy and birth. Here is the list of some features that you must look for in a midwife.

First quality that you must look for a midwife is respect. Naturally, you wanted to have a midwife who is respectful of your wants and desires, beliefs and feelings. Also, the midwife must be supportive to any choices you will make such as doing tests, medical intervention, birth setting and positions. Moreover, this midwife must be considerate and respectful of your whole birthing process. Another thing that you must consider in choosing a midwife is to have a visitation after you deliver your baby. The purpose of such visit is for you to have the opportunity to discuss things or raise some questions and voice out your concerns about you, your baby and your family. It is said that a good midwife is not just a medical professional but even give special attention in building a positive and comfortable relationship with you and your family. In this way, trust and reliability can be built that should greatly become an advantage to you all throughout the stages of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Lastly, professionalism must be evident in choosing a good midwife. A good midwife should be able to provide you with a complete and regular check-up during gestation, labor and birth to ensure the safety and health of the baby. A new diagnostic technology can be used and is recommended. In case some difficulties, the midwife can consult with the professional obstetrician.

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