Trust Issues? Here’s How to Grow Your Trust Flow

Trust Flow and its counterpart Citation Flow are currently the new terminologies developed from Majestic SEO. Trust flow has collaborated with PageRank as a very important metric in SEO. Even specialists have begun pointing out that both citation and trust flow have ranked above PageRank as an important metric for determining the value of a website.

However, digital marketers and brand owners need to be aware of Trust Flow (TF) and the methods they can use to boost this important metric for the SEO of their website.

Definition of Trust Flow

Majestic SEO describes Trust Flow as the quality of a website scored between 0 and 100. Majestic has created a manual website score and gathered a hidden list of reliable “seed sites”. These seed sites are the backbone used for TF and the TF score of a website is dependent on its proximity to the “seed sites”.

The free backlinks checker tool from Monitor Backlinks can be employed to evaluate the Trust Flow of any website and if it is a seed site, the TF of the competitor, will be visible.

For instance, the Facebook site was discovered to have an almost perfect TF which implies that there is a probability that it is a seed site. Your TF score will be positively impacted if backlinks are generated from Facebook.

Why is flow used to represent this metric?

Well, trust flows through these sites, as they become linked together. The diagram below shows that site A is the source of trust. Site A is connected to Site B and the likes. Trust passes through these sites and there TF indicators begin to diminish.

As indicated previously, the proximity of the site to the seed site determines how high the Trust Flow will be.

A score of 50 or more in Trust Flow is regarded as being excellent. Seed websites are probably within the range of 80 and 90. A score within 11 and 59 is considered average and any score lower than 10 is poor.

Finally, Topical Trust Flow is an aspect of the TF metric. Majestic described Topical Trust Flow to reveal the effect of a web page, parent domain and sub-domain of a category or topic. It reveals the influence of a website in a particular niche and assists users to discover influencers within a particular niche. Topical Trust Flow is also scored between 1 to 100.

How to implement the Trust Flow SEO / Metric

Since you are aware of the definition of Trust Flow, let’s evaluate its performance.

At first, Trust Flow is very useful to identify and evaluate your competitors because TF is usually direct (high score implies high website quality). This makes it easy to evaluate the score of competitors, especially the threatening ones. Implementing the Monitor Backlinks service will reveal the scores of both the Topical TF and the TF of all competitors. Compiling the competitors, using this method can reveal new keywords and possible URLs.

Metrics from TF are also valuable to discover and analyze possibilities for linking. Even if you have recognized a possible link by perfuming competitive evaluation and discover possible guest posting possibilities that you discovered after buying a new domain, studying the link of the TF will also provide an easy metric valuable for analyzing the link.

TF is also very useful in exposing harmful backlinks and recuperating linking sanctions. When evaluating your backlinks lookout for scores on both Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow. Worst still, these sites have no impact on your SEO or even have a negative influence on it. It is advisable to remove every TF score that is less than 10 (as displayed on the dashboard of Monitor Backlinks user page).

Finally, you can recognize the performance of your SEO. Since PageRank is no longer updated by Google, the most precise metric in measuring the site’s quality, relevance and performance on a search engine is Trust Flow.
This implies that boosting Trust Flow will simultaneously boost your ranking on the search engines.

Three methods of enhancing Trust Flow and inevitably, SEO.
If you are still using the TF scores from other websites to analyze back-linking possibilities, consider that other sites are likely performing this too. As a result of this, boosting your TF should, therefore, be your main objective.

This centers around developing high valued, influencing backlinks. Value has more impact than quantity and has more addition to the TF. To get started, here’s how

  1. Build a relationship with influencers.

It is very important to have a link with influencers, to generate high-value backlinks. When discovering influencers, make sure they have authority in your industry or niche.

Begin by finding out your major keywords and highlighting leading bloggers, celebrities and journalists, that are related to your search result. Now employ the free backlink checker tool to validate the Trust Flow and ensure that the Topical TF is related to your niche.

Contact influencers that can promote your brand, request for backlinks or offer amazing content. You can request for quality backlinks by using different methods and develop a relationship with them.

  1. Post as a guest on high ranking websites.

This is another method of generating high-quality backlinks and generate TF for your website from the seed site. It is also the same as discovering influencers.

Once you discover an opportunity to guest post, use the free backlink checker tool to analyze your TF through the domain.

If the TF score is below 10, posting content won’t yield tangible results. You need to also ensure that the allowed links within the posts can be followed. If links in guest posts are not followed, the generated backlinks will not influence your TF.

Take note: Linking possibilities with Nofollow tags are also valuable. They will also reveal your brand to new users and improve your brand awareness. They should not be disregarded.

3. Create internal links

Creating internal links is another easy method of boosting your TF score and enhancing your SEO. Add up to 5 links to other internal web pages when creating blog posts or content. Having a high-quality home page is also beneficial to improving your SEO and Trust Flow of all connected pages.

Generating internal links does not only add value to SEO, it likewise makes it easy for your audience to explore other pages on your website.

  1. Analyze backlinks regularly.

Regularly analyze your website backlinks doesn’t have an impact on your Trust Flow but it helps to retain the quality and health of your TF score.
The quality of your TF remains intact as you continue to analyze your backlinks and eliminate harmful ones. Having a high valuable TF score will signal to other websites that your website is of high quality and should be linked to which will simultaneously improve your SEO.

This is how it works.

Review and elimination can be carried out easily using the Monitor Backlink tool, which generates all the information from your website into one dashboard which enables you to monitor your backlink keywords, your competitors and the complete performance of your website
This tool also offers a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of your backlinks, concisely analyzing your entire metrics (together with the Trust Flow) as well as recognizing spam links. You can eliminate a harmful backlink with just one click

Conclusion on Trust Flow.

Trust flow is a very critical metric used to discover the quality, worth and search engine performance of a website. It also assists in recognizing possible linking possibilities, analyze competition and review backlinks. Improving and regulating your Trust Flow score has positive impacts on your SEO, linking opportunities and overall website performance.

Five reasons your indexed web pages are de-ranking

It is very important to index your web pages on Google and other major search engines because your website can’t be ranked without it.

You can see the indexed pages by:
• Using the site operator
• Reviewing your XML sitemap submission status in the dashboard of your Google search console.
• Reviewing the status of your entire indexation.

Different metrics will be derived from each of them, which will not be looked into. At the moment, let’s evaluate the indexed pages Google provided.

If Google is unable to crawl your site or your page design does not comply with its standards, it will not be indexed. If the numbers of index pages start to decline, this could be as a result of
• Being sanctioned by Google.
• Your pages are not relevant
• Your pages can’t be crawled by Googlebot.

Below are the steps and procedures to evaluate and resolve indexed pages that are declining.

1. Did your page load correctly?

Ensure the response from is page is the accurate 200 HTTP Header Status.
Did your webserver regularly and recently, experience downtime or, did you recently renew your domain after expiration?

Plan of Action

Employ a free checking tool that will determine if the accurate200 HTTP Status code is present. For huge websites, you can search for crawling services such as screaming frog, Xenu, DeepCrawl or Botify to evaluate these pages. The accurate response code is 200. Error codes from 3xx (apart from 301), 4xx or 5xx errors may be displayed. These error codes negatively affect the pages that will be indexed.

2. Did you recently modify the link?

Modifying your back-end technology, content management system or a server feature can lead to a domain, folder or sub-domain change which modifies a site’s URL.
Search engines have records of the previous links, but they will be de-indexed once they are not accurately redirecting.

Plan of Action

Let’s hope the links to the old site exists or indicate all old link and fashion out a 301 redirect.

3. Did you recently resolve issues regarding content?

Resolving duplicate issues about integrating 301 redirects canonical tags, disallows for robots.txt, and meta tags of no-index. This can all limit the no of indexed links. It is in this instance de-indexing seems like a good thing.

Plan of Action.

Because this is beneficial to the website, all that needs to be done is to ensure that de-indexing is caused by this and this alone.

4. Do you experience time out on the pages?

A few restrictions on bandwidth is usually placed on some servers because it requires additional cost to associate with higher bandwidth. These servers might require an upgrade. There are situations where it is a hardware problem and upgrade your memory size or processor will fix this issue. A few websites, place restrictions on some IP addresses when too many web pages are assessed by that IP at a particular rate. This setting is a stringent method of steering clear of DDOS attacks but also detrimental to the site.

This is usually indicated in the secondary setting of the page and where the limit is low, the limit will be reached easily by normal bots crawling the site and affect the crawling process.

Plan of Action

If a limitation is placed on the bandwidth by the server, applying for an upgrade is the most ideal route. If the problem is related to processing or memory, apart from carrying out an upgrade, ensure a caching technology is available on the server which will offer quick loading time.

If you have an anti-DDOS software installed, you can minimize the restrictions or add Googlebot to the whitelists to avoid limitations. However, ensure to properly analyze the Googlebot. Bingbot also requires the same process.

5. Is your site different in the eyes of search engines?

Search engine spiders might be seeing something different from what we are seeing. Few developers have a unique way of developing websites which could be detrimental to SEO. Some top-rated CMS might even be utilized with evaluating the SEO implications it possesses. It could be performed knowingly when attempting to content cloaking, or even trick the search engines.

There are situations where the website might also be under attack from hackers where another page is displayed to search engines just to cloak a personal 301 redirect or create a hidden link.
A severe condition is that pages that have been affected by some kind of malware that is usually de-indexed automatically by Google once it is identified.

Plan of Action

Employ the fetch and render function in Google search console to make sure that the same content you are seeing is also visible to Googlebot.
You can also use Google Translate to translate the language on the web page and review the Google cached page. However, there are suitable methods to cloak content around this.

Index Pages Are Not Used as Typical KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used to analyze the performance of SEO campaigns usually focus on organic ranking and traffic. KPIs concentrate on the bottom line of the brand which is linked to the revenue. Increasing the number of pages that are indexed will also increase the number of keywords that are generated which will inevitably rank your site and boost earnings. But the purpose of checking out an indexed page is to ensure proper crawling and indexing by search engines

Don’t forget that your web pages will not be ranked if it is not visible, crawled or indexed by search engines. A decline in index pages doesn’t always look bad. Majorly, a decline in indexed webpages also has its benefits, however, finding a solution to be duplicated, low quality or short content can reduce the number of indexed web pages, which is very beneficial.

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