Top 3 Signs Of Drain Damage

Your home’s plumbing relies on a series of drains running through the home. When there is an issue within even one of these pipes, the whole system can back up, and you will experience issues across the property.

As plumbing is constantly being used at home, from flushing the toilet to taking a shower to washing the dishes and cleaning the home, any issues can be detrimental to your routine.

In this guide, we are sharing the most common signs of drain damage and what you can do about these issues before they get worse.

Common Signs Of Drain Damage

It is common for homeowners to experience an issue with their plumbing system over time. A lot of the issues that happen within the plumbing system are a sign of wear and tear, which happens when the system has been used constantly without ongoing maintenance.

If you notice any of the following signs of damage, then you may be dealing with a larger issue:

  • Slow running drains throughout the home

This is usually one of the first things that will happen if you are dealing with a plumbing issue at home. If you notice that the bathtub or sink is taking too long to drain water away after use, this can be a sign of clogged pipes and can become a bigger issue when left unattended.

  • Strange smells coming from the drains

This will follow slow draining pipes and is a system of clogs. When the water cannot flow freely through the plumbing system, it can cause a strong and horrible smell to come from the drains.

This is caused by the bacteria in standing water and will not go away until the clog does.

  • Green and lush patches of lawn

This may not be something you consider an issue, nor is it usually linked to plumbing by homeowners, but it can indicate that leaks are happening throughout the system.

If you notice that specific areas of your yard are lusher and greener than any other, this could indicate that they are getting more moisture which may be coming from your plumbing system. This can commonly be a sign of leaks and other plumbing damage.

How To Resolve Plumbing Issues?

If you notice any of the issues mentioned throughout your home, you need to act fast.

When left unattended, plumbing issues can become dangerous and will get worse. This can cause them to be more expensive to resolve, and it could cause permanent damage to your home.

This is why it is best to act as soon as you notice something has gone wrong throughout your home, and when it comes to plumbing, you should call Steve’s Plumbing, LLC for cured-in-place pipe relining.

By relining the pipes throughout your home’s plumbing system, clogs and damage can be removed, and the new pipes will prevent these issues from happening again.

This is technical work that should be done by a professional for the best results.

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