Throwing the Perfect Housewarming Party

Throwing the perfect housewarming party isn’t just about having a great time – it’s also the chance to show off your new place to your friends and catch up with people you haven’t seen since you moved! It’s a great chance to get everyone together and have a wonderful time showing everyone your newly decorated home. Throw a memorable housewarming party without the stress by following the advice offered below.

How to Throw the Perfect Housewarming Party

Throwing a housewarming party isn’t as simple as sending out an invite and waiting for everyone to show up. Here are our top tips for throwing an epic party.

  1. Give Yourself Time

If you have only just moved into your new house, give yourself some time to get settled first. Your number one priority after your premium removalists have shifted everything in should be getting every single box unpacked. It’s not until you’ve finally completed that task that you can start thinking about having people over.

You don’t want to get your friends around within the first week of being in a new place and have them tripping over the boxes lingering in every room! You’ll have a much more relaxed evening if you wait until everything is put away.

  1. Decorate First

There’s nothing worse than having guests over when you’re not feeling house proud just yet. You need to have everything the way you want it before you start thinking about throwing a party. No one likes to keep doors shut because the rooms look a mess – complete the interior design first so that by the time you have the party, you’re keen to show off every inch of your house!

  1. Have Guests Outside

If you’re concerned about people spilling food and drinks in your immaculate new house, have the party outside! Hopefully, you have a nice new backyard that people can hang out in. If it saves you from stressing about coasters and spills, then it’s a great idea to hold the party outside.

  1. Invite Your Neighbours

If you have moved to a new area, why not invite your neighbours to your housewarming party? This could be a great way to get to know them and also avoid any noise complaints that may come your way if you don’t.

If you’re only planning on having a couple of friends around for the housewarming, you could always just invite your neighbours over for dinner on a separate night instead. Getting to know your neighbours can come in handy if your pet needs feeding while you’re away and is a great way to make new friends in the area.

  1. Give Plenty of Notice

Many people invite their friends and family from out of town to their housewarming. It’s a lovely sentiment to ask these people to come even if they likely won’t be able to. To give them the best chance of being able to actually attend, it’s polite to provide them with plenty of notice. Arranging the party a few months in advance will allow you to give a heads up to any further away attendees.

  1. Don’t Put Up Too Many Decorations

When people walk into the party, you want your house to be the focal point. This is one party where you don’t need many decorations; let the house speak for itself. If you’ve been waiting until you’ve completed all of the décor, then that should be enough. Don’t make it tacky by adding a ton of unnecessary balloons and other decorations.

Even a vase with some lovely flowers in it can do the trick to offer a touch of class without taking away from the home.

  1. Create a Make-Ahead Menu

Whether you’re going for a raging housewarming party or just a nice dinner, think of foods that you can make ahead of time. That way, when people arrive, you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen. There’s nothing worse than having guests to entertain while the oven timer is calling you from the other room.

Some great options for a party are crostinis with toppings or blinis with smoked salmon, both easily put together and refrigerated earlier in the day. If you’re serving dinner, think salads and foods that can be served at room temperature or quickly reheated. For example, you could make a quiche the day before and simply warm it in the oven before serving. Get out of the kitchen and back to your party and your guests!

  1. Break the Ice

If you’re throwing your party a few months into living in your new place, this is likely the first time your new friends will meet your family and other friends. So, it’s a great idea to get everybody chatting and interacting with each other. Come up with some fun games that you can all play to break the ice. Giant Jenga or cornhole in the backyard is always a hit.

Don’t forget to take the time to relax and have some fun yourself! During a housewarming, we can often be too busy rushing around making sure everything is perfect and don’t remember to just unwind and have a good time ourselves.

  1. Show Off Your Home

The final and most crucial step is to show off your home to everyone who walks through the door. After all, you’ve put months of hard work into choosing it, packing up your belongings, and shifting them to a new place. Not to mention all the work of decorating, unpacking, and making your new property feel like home. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, so make sure that you offer house tours to your guests so you can enjoy a sense of pride in your new house.

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