The Most Common Breakdowns of a Refrigerator

The refrigerator is perhaps the most sought-after and most beloved household appliance in any home. Just think about how many times a day you open the door of a fridge looking for something delicious. And we are so used to the fact that our food is safe and at hand that we simply cannot imagine another life.


And if suddenly something happens to the fridge, it becomes an unexpected disaster for the whole family. But the situation can be solved. There are professionals from the appliance repair Toronto downtown service who know everything about refrigerators and will cope with any situation in a matter of hours. So, if you need a real “ambulance” for your appliance, you already know where you can find the necessary help.


The main refrigerator malfunctions

We have prepared a list of possible malfunctions of refrigerators and options for their elimination. What can happen to a home cold generator:


  • Lack of interior lighting;
  • Noisy operation (knocking, humming, or rattling);
  • Water leakage;
  • Frosting of the layer in the freezer compartment;
  • Insufficient or excessive cooling of the refrigerator compartment;
  • No cooling with the compressor running/not running;
  • Refrigerator shutdowns in a few seconds after starting.


Let us dwell on these failures in more detail.

The lack of lighting

This breakdown can be caused by the following reasons:


  • No contact between plug and socket;
  • Bulb burnt out;
  • Broken light switch.


If the first two situations can be completely eliminated on your own, then repairing a button is definitely the work of a repair specialist.


In the operation of the refrigerator, the noise may appear due to the following reasons:


  • Improper installation of the fridge at home;
  • Compressor suspension damage.


The first point is easy to deal with. Make sure that the fridge does not contact with pieces of furniture, pipes, etc. objects. Also, check if the appliance is set correctly — for the fridge to work properly, a slight slope back is needed. The information is written in the manual, be sure to check it when installing the fridge or at least read it once you have detected a problem.


Check if the doors close if they are opened by 45⁰. It may also be necessary to carefully correct the position of the compressor tube or place foam rubber between the casing and the frame.


If the problem is not with the installation, you need to resort to a professional to check the suspension and repair it. It is not an element that you should repair on your own.



Leakage of water

If the leakage appears in the lower tier of the refrigerating chamber, it indicates a clogged pipe for draining meltwater. Cleaning procedures are different for each model, and they are written in detail in the manual from the manufacturer. The procedure is not complicated but delicate. But if you follow the steps prescribed in the instruction, you will cope with it.

A frozen layer

On the walls of the freezer, this layer can be formed due to:


  • Leaky door seal;
  • Temperature controller malfunctions.


If there is a problem with a door seal, there might be two problems. A fridge can be incorrectly installed (we have already mentioned this above), or there might be a problem with the rubber sealant. In the second case, it is necessary to replace the sealant.


If you suspect the problem is more serious, i.e., the controller malfunctions, it is better to call a professional specialist to detect the reason and eliminate it.

Other signs of a broken refrigerator

If the temperature in the fridge is too high or too low, there is no time for DIY efforts since the reasons might be quite serious. There is nothing that you can fix on your own since the possible causes are:


  • Breakdown of the fridge’s thermostat;
  • Pipe burst;
  • Clogged tube;
  • The refrigerant leak from the system;
  • Frosted evaporator.


If the fridge doesn’t cool, but the light inside is on, and the compressor is running, freon leakage might be the reason for the failure. This usually happens due to mechanical damage to the system. If there is no damage, it is necessary to replace the refrigeration unit.


If there is no cold and the compressor does not turn on, a specialist will have to deal with the following probabilities:


  • Electrical faults;
  • Thermostat malfunction;
  • Start protection relay failure;
  • Compressor failure.

Final words

A refrigerator is not a small, fragile appliance, and users are not accustomed to taking good care of this appliance. However, if you have acquired a costly refrigerator, read the manual and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for troubleshooting. If you cannot cope on your own, you already know that there are professionals who will not leave you on your own with a problem.

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