Stage of Renovating Houses

Make a list of improvements

Search room by room and see what elements you want fixed. Generally, what needs to be improved is the condition of the ceiling and the walls that leak, the broken floor coating, peeling wall paint, or termite roof trusses (for those who still use wood). Make a neat list and sort from emergency to supplement.

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Adjust the number of floors as needed

For young families, a one-storey house measuring 100 square meters with 2 bedrooms is sufficient. However, many people make long-term planning because they predict having three children or inviting parents / in-laws to live together. With such plans, one-story house renovated into two floors.

An important point in adding floors is a strong foundation structure. Discuss with your architect and contractor by asking about the current condition of the structure. Typically, columns need to be strengthened or thickened and add beams as hooks. Checking methods can be various, one of them by making a small hole in the column to see the amount of column reinforcement.

Use the services of architects and designers

For ordinary people who do not understand about the design or how to make a house, of course this will drain energy and make a headache. Looking for references on the internet is easy and widely found, especially through CASA Indonesia websites and magazines. But sometimes you have trouble finding what you need and want.

For that, consult with your interior designer or architect. Because as experts, they can translate client needs in 3D and give advice on the latest design trends.

Good air circulation for cool homes

With weather getting hotter, the use of AC is often inevitable. It is different from the condition of the old house which feels cool all day and is free of pollution. To that end, add a roster or vent, lots of window openings, and if possible make the ceiling high.

Roster is a vent made of cement and sand that is molded. The model is very diverse. For variations in shape, between cement in the form of solid, present a hollow hole roster. Roster can be an energy-efficient home solution because it can channel fresh air into the house, as well as high aesthetics.

Create a budget design

From the list you have made above, you can plan the renovation costs well. If your budget is limited, ask for renovations in several stages, then the contractor can repair the house for an emergency first. The cost of building a house varies greatly, depending on the contractor you choose.

The contractor will usually make a budget plan. Ask for as much detail as possible about the specs and additional criteria so that no work is forgotten, although it is possible to add / subtract work over time.

Different regions, different prices. Usually the contractor will give a picture of the cost per square meter. Wholesale prices usually include material and labor costs. For those of you who want to renovate the house to fill the interior, you should find a contractor who has masons and carpenters (furniture).