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Useful Ideas for Bath Tub Refinishing

Do you have a shabby looking, worn-out shower or bathtub? Do the bathroom counters and fixtures in your bathroom have outdated colors from the ’60s and ’70s? Does your bathroom still have the decorations from the previous homeowner? Finally, have you changed the dates when you want to remodel your bathroom severally due to the high cost or because of the work disruption? If your answer to most of these questions is ‘yes,’ then it is high time you resurfaced your bathtub, countertop, and tiles in your bathroom.

There are people who think that it is not possible to remodel a bathroom and they could be right. There are several benefits of remodeling a bathroom not to mention the rejuvenating look that you will achieve by resurfacing existing countertops and fixture and perhaps a paint job at a very low remodeling cost.

To replace a bathtub can averagely cost you between $2,000 to $3,000, however you can choose to refinish it using your own color choice which will cost you one-fifth of that amount. There is no mess, demolition expense or hassle in refinishing. You will not also go through the cost of plumbing, or replacing or repairing floors and walls damaged around the tub when it is being removed.

Refinishing a tub normally takes up to to five hours and the bathroom is ready for use the next day. You can go ahead and replace the tiles, fixtures, and countertops in a few days. It can take a few weeks to replace a tub which can be inconveniencing if this is your only bathtub in the house.

No doubt a new tub can last for years; however, a refinished one can last approximately 20 or more years of course with the right maintenance. Refinishing is an excellent solution to repair cracks and small chips in fixtures that are not in a worse-off condition. Testimonials from clients who have had their bathtub refinished say their bathtubs still look and feel new even after 14 years. They testify it is easy to clean and still looks good, unlike before the refinishing when it was not easy to clean, and it was porous and pitted.

Refinishing has amazing results on different surfaces such as fiberglass, ceramic, cultured marble, and porcelain. However, this must be done using the right techniques and materials. Do not forget to find out the length of time the resurfacing company has been in existence. Look out for references on jobs they have done in the last three years. Latest resurfacing jobs can look all new and fresh, but with time they wear off. Most refinishing companies will give warranties this means that before you hire a refinishing company, find out the kind of guarantee they give to their work.

When it comes to taking care of your refinished tub, it is advisable to products that have specially made to clean tiles and tubs. Do not use products that have citrus, bleach, or other abrasive chemicals. Industrial cleaners and citrus products have acids that will affect the refinishing with time while bleach discolors the tub. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the refinished tile surface or bathtub. Do not use products that will scratch the refinishing.

Do not use suction-mounted products such as bathtub mats or soap dishes because they will remove the coating over time. Further, do not bath your pets in the resurfaced tub because their claws can cause damage to the finish. If you don’t have other options you can use a bathtub mat or soft rubber pad. Finally make sure that you get plastic or soft rubber toys for your children because anything metalic will damage the surface.

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