Should You Epoxy a Basement Floor (7 Primary Reasons)

Have you just installed basement flooring, and now you desire a perfect finish that looks alluring and durable? Epoxy floors are used in residential and commercial areas, but should you epoxy a basement floor?

Using epoxy coating on the basement floor is a must-try idea because they are waterproof, durable, and appealing. The basement always requires flooring that soaks moisture without damaging the surface. What can be more suitable than epoxy coating?

Below, I will convey the top 7 reasons for using epoxy in the basement to motivate you to have one. I have recently renovated my basement floors and have added epoxy, so I will share my experience. Stay connected to have some good talk.

7 Reasons for Having Epoxy Basement Floors

1- It is a Durable Option

If your basement floors aren’t durable, they won’t last long because the possibilities of moisture are high. Epoxy adds a durable layer to the floor that enriches the floor’s strength and lets you enjoy the beautiful flooring for maximum years.

Once you have used epoxy coating, forget cracks, stains, and scratches. If you properly maintain them, you can enjoy the flooring for at least ten years with little or no impairment. One of my friends installed epoxy 4 years ago, and fortunately, it is still the same.

Nothing is better than long-lasting flooring that doesn’t demand repeated investment. It is the most substantial reason you should have an epoxy floor coating.

2- It has Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your floors from moisture, wetness, and stains is the most prominent deal. The more difficult the maintenance, the more challenging it will be to retain the original look. People often opt for flooring with straightforward maintenance to avoid this mess.

Epoxy flooring is simple to clean, so maintenance won’t be a headache. As they are waterproof, you can utilize a vacuum cleaner, a steam mop, or a cleaning solution to clean spills and dust particles. You can formulate the solution at home to restore the gloss.

I have been cleaning these floors for the last few months, which has never given me a tough time. Hence, enjoy cleaning after coating epoxy on your basement floors.

3- It has a Moisture Resistant Layer

You should always prefer a basement floor that is water-proof and moisture-resistant if you want to get maximum benefit. The basement humidity level is always more elevated than in other areas, so never take flooring lightly.

When you use epoxy on your concrete basement floor, you get a layer of waterproof and moisture resistance that shields the floor from spills, mold, and other things. These factors sweeten the life of your floors, resulting in low-maintenance floors.

Unfortunately, your floors won’t suffer adequately if any water accident occurs in the basement. I love this feature so far because my basement has a lot of humidity problems.

4- Easy and Smooth Application

Epoxy coating is a straightforward procedure that can be a DIY project. You must have all the crucial items to conclude this work successfully. Only pick this DIY project if you are sure of your skills; otherwise, you can leave it to a professional.

Adding epoxy on floors is similar to painting a wall, a simple and fun process. The process might be easy, but to make your proxy water-resistant and moisture-resistant, ensure it has been rolled accurately on the floor.

If you do not correctly coat epoxy, it will inevitably cost you and will no longer be powerful enough to fight against water and moisture. Be careful and make this work perfectly to benefit you for a long time.

5- It is Chemical-Resistant

Basements are often used for laundry or cleaning, or people also throw family gatherings there, so a chemical-resistant floor is a great addition. Epoxy is free of chemicals, which makes it worth pondering.

Hence, Chemical spills of bleach or other harmful things from Halloween decorations can never harm your adorable floors. Enjoy to the fullest without worrying.

6- It is not Costly

After knowing all the attributes, you might expect it to be a costly flooring option which is false. Adding Epoxy on concrete floors is a budget-friendly alternative which becomes another motivation for viewing this option.

The per-square-foot price of epoxy starts from $2.50 and can go up to $8 depending on the material and other factors. If you hire a professional for a real job, they charge $3 to $12 per square foot, which is reasonable. Even I was amazed by the nice prizes it offers.

The durability characteristic rescues your floor from impairment and wear, so you are free from maintenance costs. Your floors will be safe from water damage; if you want to retexture your floor in the future, it is also affordable. In short, the epoxy basement floor cost is cheap.

7- It Enhances Aesthetics

It is the last option I have added, making it worth it. Always choose pleasing flooring to the eyes, so everyone who comes over to your house appreciates your choice.

Beautiful Epoxy on basement floor

Many people regard basements as dingy and dark spaces, but it is up to you how you will transform them into a beautiful and eminent places.

Epoxy comes in many patterns, designs, and colors, so go with the option that matches the interior of your basement. You can also do a double coat to give a more glossy touch to the flooring, Do experiments and turn your boring basement floors into cheerful ones.

These are the top 7 reasons worth telling so everyone is motivated enough to get their hands on epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Basement Floor Pros and Cons

Below I will talk about a few advantages and disadvantages I have observed in epoxy flooring. It will help you to make a solid decision.

Adding epoxy on basement floors


  • Epoxy is a DIY installation project, so you can save money spent on the professional by taking responsibility for the installation. You need time and effort to conclude this task.
  • Never doubt durability because epoxy is the most highly durable flooring alternative you will ever come across. The double coat of epoxy adds more worth.
  • Floor cleaning is the toughest job for many people, but epoxy makes it easier. Without putting in adequate effort, you can smoothly clean this flooring.
  • Install this flooring and forget about mold, chemicals, water damage, etc., because it protects your floor against every inconvenient accident.
  • The aesthetics are top-notice, and I guarantee that people will surely praise your choice once you install epoxy.
  • You can customize the floor according to your needs because of a wide range of numerous colors, designs, and patterns.


  • Sometimes epoxy becomes slippery when it is wet. It is the only drawback I found here.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

So what’s next? I have a few questions to discuss so you can be clear on every stance regarding the best epoxy for the basement floor. Be ready.

Is Epoxy a Good Choice for the Basement?

Epoxy is the most considerable choice to make your basements lively and attractive. The major issue people deal with in basements is water damage, and epoxy brings a solution. It deals with water spills and moisture issues and keeps your flooring long-lasting.

Can Epoxy Keeps Water Away from Basements?

It is waterproof, so it never lets water damage your floors or mold occur on your beautiful flooring. Basements often remain wet, so epoxy protects the flooring from unpleasant accidents.

How to Epoxy your Floors as a DIY Work?

Epoxying the floor is similar to painting the wall. Ensure the coating is elastic and properly rolled; otherwise, it will not save your floors against spills, dampness, etc. Buy an epoxy kit for a smooth experience.

Which Flooring is the Healthiest for the Basement?

Healthy flooring is one that is waterproof and moisture-resistant. They are rubber, engineered wood, carpets, etc. You can also choose ceramic or porcelain tiles, as they protect the floor against water and molds.

Is Epoxy Better than Tiles for Basement Floors?

If we make a comparison and check the durability, epoxy wins the game. Epoxy is durable, doesn’t require extra maintenance, is cost-effective, easy to clean, and whatnot. Hence, epoxy is above every other option.

Final Thoughts

You can always epoxy a basement floor to add importance and raise the look. The features it gives the users are beyond your imagination, so go ahead. Basements always need extra protection because that part of the house always remains wet.

If you wonder why you should epoxy your floors, check this guide, and you will get all the answers. I have cited every point comprehensively to clear all the doubts. I hope you are now satisfied and ready to take quick action.

You can fill in the comment section for queries, and we will respond.

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