Practical Tips for Choosing a Variation of White Paint

White is still white, right? But it’s not that simple. Here are some white paint options with very different effects

Tips Praktis Memilih Variasi Cat Putih | Foto artikel Arsitag

Is it true that white is only one color? White paint can look bright (or even soft) like other colors. White also has a variety of patterns and colors, making the selection process rather complicated. Here are some practical tips for choosing the right white paint.

White walls are a timeless color. Depending on the space, white can look classic or contemporary. Depending on the tone, the white color will look warm or cold. The result is a perfect background wall in almost every room.

  1. Creamy white. A white-painted living room can be a very relaxing place. For best results, use slightly different white patterns and combine them with other colors. This variation will prevent the guest room from being too cold.
  2. Cool white. Cool white walls are perfect for furniture settings and white windows. This color creates a homogeneous space that is calm and has little contrast. This cool plain white is perfect in contemporary spaces because it gives a modern impression.
  3. Soft white. Combining white with black will create a very elegant Art Deco impression. In fact, with so much contrast, this display still looks like a blank canvas that can be paired with other colors. The solution, you can combine a rather soft white paint color with clean white furniture or door and window frames.
  4. Snow white. A very classic way to do the trim is to paint it with a shiny snow white paint. Snow white patterns are also seen in furniture and door and window frames, which emphasize space and create a harmonious appearance.
  5. Antique white. If you want a more traditional room, antique white is best because it feels comfortable. In this dining room, exposed brick wall paint in gray is a great choice because it gives a more dynamic look.
  6. Ivory white. Many people like the look of white cabinets for the kitchen, but don’t want their space to seem too cold. In this case, look for a slightly ivory white color. You can also add warmth in your kitchen with the use of wood floors and the effect of bright halogen lamps.
  7. Gray white. The cool grayish white color will be a modern look on the museum-style background wall to provide accents and display artwork.
  8. Warm white. The use of white with a khaki (brown) pattern creates an organic feel in the dining room. This type of color gives a very warm and friendly impression.