Ice Maker and Mini Fridge – Ultimate Gift Reviews

The Best Portable Ice Maker | Reviews by Wirecutter

The ice maker and the mini fridge are two staple items, commonly found in bachelor pads and student accommodation across the UK. For all their leisurely perceptions, however, these two accessories can actually make pretty functional and useful gifts, especially for those who own caravans or pleasure boats or who lack the space for freestanding white goods. Although some ice makers and mini fridges come with an expensive price tag, we’re going to look at two unbranded, reassuringly priced models to prove that the most costly gift is not always the most useful.

The Portable Mini Fridge $59.99 available online

With its smart and sleek retro-design and portable functions, it’s surprising that this wonder of a mini fridge is available for under $60.00. Although unbranded and unassuming in its looks, this mini fridge actually holds up well in comparison to popular models of fridges manufactured by the more illustrious and well-known brands.

Clearly the most attractive factor about this mini fridge is its price, but it is also incredibly high quality. Larger than some of the more expensive mini fridges on the market, with its 15 litre capacity, this fridge can keep everything from full-sized wine bottles to ready meals and fruit and veg cool and fresh for a lengthy amount of time. It is mains powered and can be plugged in to a wall socket, but being a portable fridge it also comes with a 12v adaptor for plugging into a car, boat or caravan’s lighter socket for portable cooling. Its handle makes it simple to carry and transport, and despite its large capacity is surprisingly lightweight.

Although an ideal gift for someone who will regularly make use of its portable aspects – lorry drivers and caravan owners would have a field day owning this – this mini fridge also makes a nice addition to an office kitchen or a student flat, and is certain to be appreciated by whoever you choose to give it to.

The Ice Cube Ice Maker Machine $149.99 available online

Although more of a specialised gift than the mini fridge reviewed above, this portable, freestanding Ice Cube Ice Maker Machine is still a versatile bargain. Costing less than $150, this unbranded ice maker machine is an affordable and functional gift for those who aren’t able to make enough ice, either at home or on the go.

Mains-powered and controlled with a highly precise electronic system, more commonly found in machines twice the cost, this ice maker model has one of the largest capacities available in machines within the $100 to $250 price range. Able to comfortably store 1.5kg of ice for a long period of time, this ice maker can actually make a total of 18kg of ice within 24 hours. With an incredibly easy to use LCD control panel, and a simple operation – simply fill the water compartment with as much as 2.3 litres at a time – this machine works instantly to make up to four different sized ice cubes within 12 minutes.

This budget-price ice maker is not only one of the most ideal gift ideas for someone who hosts regular parties and requires a year-round ice supply, its high quality also makes it the ideal gift for someone who’s just started out in the catering or entertainment industry.