How to Remove Screen from Window – Step by Step Guide

Are you looking for the safest method to remove the screen from the window?

Whether you want to repair the damaged screen of your window or need to replace it with a newer one, it is a bit tricky to put the screen in its exact frame.

Removing the old spline and securing the screen at a new origin is harder. If you still have a broken screen, there is a certain chance that a variety of bugs have already arrived in your living space.

Follow our simple steps to remove a screen from any side of your window.

How to Remove Screen from Windows?

  1. Open the entire window from both sides.
  2. Pull out all the tabs from its fame.
  3. Now lift the screen tab in the opposite direction to pull it out as well.
  4. Remove the screen from its frame completely.
  5. Catch the pins and latches for future use.
  6. Finally, carry the window screen and set it at any safer place.


Types of Windows

As much as learning how to remove windows is important, it is also necessary to know what type and styles of windows you are dealing with.

As there are many different types of windows screens, each type has its own method of removal of the screen.

Interior Windows Screen

As the name suggests, interior windows are the windows that are typically installed from the inside of the house to frame the window casing the inside for style and aesthetic purposes.

Exterior Windows Screen

As with exterior windows, these windows are installed from the house’s exterior, with their casings and moldings being also framed from the outside of the house.

Styles of Windows

Just like the types of window screen, there are also various styles of windows which includes;

Styles of home Windows


Single-hung-style windows allow air ventilation from just one part of the window, unlike the double-hung windows. These are easier to clean and take care of, offering a lower operable and a fixed upper sash.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the windows that are most commonly used in houses offering windows that are operable from both the top and the bottom.

Casement Windows

Casements windows are windows that have a unique style that is attached to their frame by one or more hinges from the sides. These windows have a crank open to the outward, to the left, or right simultaneously.

Sliding Windows

The sliding style of windows is used in many houses nowadays. These windows are made to glide horizontally from one side to another and are much more suitable for shorter walls.

The sliding window usually has one or more sliding screens.

Now we’ll further get into the detailed guide about how to remove screens from windows.

Point to be Kept in Mind!

The screen of windows is delicate and flexible enough to be removed with ease because of their designs.

How to Remove Screen from Window – A DIY Guide

This is how you can easily remove screens from the windows of your home:

Remove Screen from Window

Removing Screen from the Inside of the House

So the first and foremost thing to do while you begin removing the window from the inside of the house is to

  1.  The first step here is to open the window completely from both sides.
  2.  Then you must pull out the tabs from both sides of the frame
  3.  After the tabs have been pulled out, lift the lower part of the screens.
  4.  Then pull the screen towards you and towards the center so that it is completely dismantled.
  5.  Some screens carry pins and latches, make sure to remove them if you carry any.
  6.  Once the screen is removed from the frame you should set it aside if you are not replacing the screen with a new one.

Removing Screen from the Outside of the House

For the screen to be removed from the outside of the house, you must

  1. Just Pull the stash
  2. Hold the frame around the screen and push it outward
  3. Tap the screen from one side and remove it through the opening

After we’re done with the removal of windows based on different types

Now we’ll guide you on the steps on how to remove the screen from the window based on different styles

Remove Single-Hung Windows Screen

  1. To remove the single-hung window, you must first open the window wide completely.
  2. You must open the lower tabs of the window and try to push it outward from the frame.
  3. Now you must rotate the screen to remove it from the frame.

Remove Double-Hung Windows Screen

  1. You may begin by raising the lower part of the sash to remove the screen entirely.
  2. Raise the screen at least 3 inches above to remove it with ease
  3. After the screen has been raised, you must grab its bottom and raise it to the center, compressing it to the left side.
  4. After completing the third step, you will notice the two springs on the side of the screen, which will make it easy for the screen to pop out of the window.
  5. Finally, you should turn the screen sideways and take it out of the window to be either replaced or cleaned.

How to Remove of Casement Windows Screen

  1. To remove the casement windows screen, you must first pull out the tabs from either side of the window
  2. Pulling the tabs will simply pop the window out, and the screen will be easily removed.
  3. This is how the casement windows screen is removed.

Remove Sliding Windows Screen

  1. To remove the screen from a sliding window screen, you must completely open the screen’s sashes.
  2. Sliding the screen towards the middle
  3. Search for the screen spring clips, which are to be located at the top of the slider window screen.
  4. Now lastly, you should push the screen out and bring it in towards yourself
  5. This is how the slider windows screen is removed.

Safety Precautions for Screen Removal

These are some of the points to be kept in mind for the safety of removing the screen from the windows:

  • While removing the screen, you must be careful that you don’t hurt yourself
  • It would be best if you do not lean completely towards the screen as there might be a possible chance of you falling out of the window.
  • Avoid holding the screen with your bare hands if it’s torn or broken, as you may hurt yourself.
  • Use tools as such a screw diver or gloves for the safety
  • Cover your screens after removing them until they are correctly replaced or recovered to prevent bugs and other things from getting inside the house.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Screen Out of the Window?

Initially, you have to open the window all the way. You will see screen tabs; grab and pull these towards. Also, take care of the screen and avoid damage while removing it from its frame

How Do I Remove a Window Screen that Doesn’t Have Tabs?

If there are no tabs on your window screen, you should attempt to pull it out towards the center of the screen. This trick works well in most cases and can be applied even on older window screens with tabs.

Can You Remove a Window Screen from the Inside?

You will notice milk work all around the window. You have to eliminate it from the window screen so that you can remove it from the inside area of this window screen.

Should You Remove Window Screens in the Winter?

Sometimes, the snowstorm will damage the window screen. Removing it in the winter is very important so that ice or snow will not damage this utility.

How Do You Remove Window Screens with Side Springs?

If you want to remove or reinstall the window screen, you should start from its side springs. You can locate the finger groove on your window screen. You must place your finger into the groove to remove the spring-loaded screen.


Several factors could break, tear, or even make the windows screen all dirty.

But in any of these cases, what you must know is a way to safely remove and clear up any issue related to the window screen, and for that, we have covered almost every aspect that is required for you to consider in this article.

So to keep your home and households properly in shape and up to date, you must keep checking what improvements needs to be made.

We hope that this article will make it easy for you to know better about removing the screen from windows.

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