How to Organize Your Storage in a Tiny Dorm Room

Some people have specific superpowers. They have a tiny wardrobe with tons of clothes in it. They keep telling you that they have a library at home, but you have no clue where it can be hiding in their apartment. These are the same people who take one suitcase on holiday and wear a new outfit every day.


So who are they? Wizards from Harry Potter? We all remember Hermione with her bottomless handbag. Or are they a character from comics with a superpower to shrink things? Neither. We guarantee that these people simply used to live in a tiny dorm room in the past.


As a student, you quickly learn how to organize your room. Otherwise, you will find yourself buried under clothes and textbooks. Even with a paper writing service like it is difficult to cut the amount of study materials, so you’ll need to keep them organized. And of course, you want to look excellent every day. So throwing away your clothes is not an option either.

Five Stages of Grief

We can almost hear you saying: “Well, my dorm room is not THAT tiny. There is enough space in it”. Welcome to stage one – Denial. Why can’t you afford to rent a separate apartment? Who constructed the dorms? Did these architects have a degree in construction?! Your Majesty Anger comes to the stage.


Next thing you know: you are measuring your room with a ruler. It is called Bargaining. You are trying to convince yourself it is not tiny. You are repeating this phrase to yourself again and again when you are sitting in the corner crying. Pull yourself together! You can overcome this Depression.


Alright, my dorm room is tiny. Finally, Acceptance wins. But there is no reason to go through the cycle of grief again and again. If you think your room is super small, you just do not know how to use it. Luckily for you, we do.

Use the Vertical Space

To calculate the square footage of any area, all you need to do is multiply the length and the width of the area. In other words, how tall x how wide. This is a simple school formula, isn’t it? But for some reason, we tend to neglect the height. Here is how you can take advantage of the vertical room.

1.    All kinds of racks and organizers

This is a universal tip on how you can maximize the space in your wardrobe or your working space. Just use:

  • over-the-door shoe racks;
  • hanging baskets;
  • over-the-door towel racks;
  • wire shower caddies with command hooks (to store stationery);
  • felt hangers instead of bulky wooden ones;
  • stacking bins for toiletry storage.


All these small things will declutter your room and make it look organized. Oh, and here is a bonus tip for you! You can hang an over-the-door mirror.

2.    Put everything you can on display

Our biggest mistake is that we are trying to hide things in a room with no space to hide! What you need to do is the opposite. We are not encouraging you to make a terrible mess in your room. You should learn how to put things on display in the right way first.

●      Hang scarves with shower curtain rings

Decorate your room with a scarf rainbow!

●      Organize hats on a wall rack

Maybe you are not a big fan of scarves but have a great collection of baseball caps? Show off to your dorm mate by putting them on a DIY hat rack.

●      Display jewelry with a hanging organizer

Boys can show off with their cool baseball caps, and ladies should not miss the chance to boast with their rings, necklaces, and earrings! It is also a very practical tip – you keep all your jewelry in one spot.

Tiny Dorm Room

●      Put your makeup on a magnetic board

Another life hack for ladies. You do not need to find a separate shelf or drawer. Stick magnets to your mascaras, lipsticks, and powders, and hang them. Let it be your vanity corner.

●      Use a rolling cart instead of a bedside table

Again, it has many levels, so you make the most of the vertical room here. It is perfect for storing books. But you can virtually put anything you want there.

3.    Play with the furniture

You already know how to maximize the space in your wardrobe. But what can you do with your bed or chairs? There is no magic spell to squeeze them, right? Not, but let us look at this from a different angle.


You definitely need a bed. It is clear that it occupies a lot of space. But here is your light of hope at the end of this tunnel. Utilize the space both under and above your bed! Lift up your bed a bit to allow some space for boxes or drawers underneath. You can fit all kinds of things there. BTW, roll your clothes. Then you can fit in a lot more items.

Tiny Dorm Room

Tiny Dorm Room

Now, let us look up. How can you make the most of the space above your bed? A small headboard or a shelf is a perfect solution. Make sure that you follow all your dorm rules first, though. Ask for permission before you invest your time and money into it.


Now, it seems like no space is wasted under or above your bed. But you got excited and now want to go further. Let us see. What do we have left? The sides of the bed. Bedside pockets! Wow, you are unstoppable!


Multi-purpose furniture is the answer to all your remaining questions about furniture. Just google it! You’ll be amazed how inventive people are. There are items that serve more than three purposes! Can you imagine that?

4.    Use room dividers

If your dorm mate and you are best friends, you might not like this idea. But in terms of arranging the living space, it is a great solution. When you move out of your sleeping, studying, or training space, you become more organized. Besides, it gives you this touch of personal space that is important for every person.

And So On and So Forth…

We are going to share some more valuable tips in this article but do not limit yourself. The list of these life hacks is neverending! Unleash your creative potential and enjoy every moment you spend in your living space!


You may find this article inspiring. But when you are thinking about the budget you need, you feel that the five stages of grief are coming closer. Stop this immediately! Yes, it may exceed your usual budget. But you are not throwing your money away for nothing! You will keep all these magic things when you move out!


You can use room dividers, hanging organizers, and magnetic boards in your future apartment! We hope that this argument is convincing enough and Acceptance comes quicker this time. So make the list of items you would like to buy or do yourself and enjoy the process!

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