How to Clean Coretec Floors – 7 Different Ways

If your hardwood floors contain luxurious tiles and vinyl planks like CoreTec then you must know how to clean CoreTec floors.

CoreTec luxury vinyl plank is a thicker type of hard floor than usual hardwood flooring and can resist various types of hard impacts. It is built to last longer and is designed with beveled corners to provide a look of real wood planks.

You must ensure a certain amount of maintenance to prevent this luxury object from getting fade. You may get some blinds or curtains to block the natural sunlight directly exposure its surface.

CoreTec flooring is quite easy to clean. You can comfortably remove all the dirt with routine sweeping. Still, there are many different ways to clean CoreTec vinyl plank flooring.

There are certain ways to make your CoreTec floors live longer item. You need the right way to prevent this luxurious home floor décor and do routine cleaning to stay in optimal condition and keep it looking at its best.

At the end of this interesting guide, you will get some useful tips and different ways to clean CoreTec floors.

All About Coretec Floors

CoreTec is a luxurious form of Vinyl Flooring and looks more gorgeous than other hardwood floorings. These types of floors can be installed extremely easy and once it is fixed, they will provide you with warm cozy comfort over time. You might never think about changing this floor for many years.

Furthermore, if you are not going to change this type of floor every few years, then you have to take proper care of it. So that, it will never get fade. You are doing daily sweeping or routine cleaning then still it needs the appropriate maintenance to live longer and shine on your floors.

If you have kids or pets in your home then you need to use the best cleaner for lvp floors. Now, you might be thinking of how to make vinyl plank floors shine then don’t worry you just need to stay on this page, I will describe to you all the possible methods of how to clean CoreTec floors and you never further need to search for CoreTec stone reviews.

How to Clean Coretec Floors – 7 Different Ways

There are plenty of possible ways to clean CoreTec floors. You just need to consider a few things to make these procedures perfect for your CoreTec floors. It is better to use more than one method of cleaning and change these methods from time to time as per the demand of your luxurious floor. Let me show you how to clean luxury vinyl plank flooring and keep your home floors looking at their best:

Routine Cleaning CoreTec Flooring

It is a good idea to do routine cleaning to your CoreTec flooring either every few days or even on daily basis. This practice will remove most of the particles of dirt from your luxury floor. The dry-clean exercise will clean temporary dust from the floor and your kids can play on the dust-free surface.

You can also use a dry mop with a permanent or removable pad to clean your CoreTec floor in routine. This process will also clean all the dirt and normal stains from your CoreTec floor.

Deep Cleaning CoreTec Flooring

Instead of sweeping your CoreTec floor, you can use a microfiber cloth mop for deep cleaning. This process is a great way to gently remove all the dust and dirt particles completely from the surface of your luxury floor. It will never dent your floor and mark any scratches on the floor.

If you see some permanent or older stains on your floor, you can use water to rub these stains with a wet mop. Must remember that you should use the correct amount of water on CoreTec floors otherwise you will make a flood on your floor and messed all the situation.

Vacuuming CoreTec Flooring

Another durable way to clean the CoreTec floor is to use a vacuum on the floor. You need to use a vacuum extremely carefully because it might scratch the surface. A standard vacuum cleaner can be used in rotating bars to save your luxurious floors from dirty lines. Moreover, never vacuum the CoreTec floor in wet conditions or not do steam cleaning with a vacuum, it might fade the surface.

Polishing CoreTec Flooring

If you are looking to shine your CoreTec floor, then you can also polish it. You can polish the whole floor once a year. It is better to apply one or two coats and leave your floor for the next 24 hours for good ventilation.

It is advised to staff off  the CoreTec floor after polishing it. The surface should be passed with natural air by opening all the windows or doors. This process will definitely guarantee its shine and remove all the dull effects from it.

Cleaning up Spills on CoreTec Flooring

If you see any spills on your CoreTec floor then you need to remove them straight away instead of waiting for routine cleaning. You can use warm water or any detergent for this spill. Later it should be properly scrubbed off with clean water.

To remove harder stains, you can use isopropyl alcohol and rub it gently directly on the CoreTec floor with any towel or soft cloth.

Avoid using any kind of bleach or strong detergents on these types of floors.

Avoiding Scratches on CoreTec Flooring

You have to use a softer sponge or lighter clothes for cleaning CoreTec floors. If you take caution and avoid scratches with tougher pads, it will raise the lifespan of your floor. Another way to protect your floor from scratches or lines is to remove shoes at your doorstep or prevent marking sole lines on your CoreTec floors.

Preventing CoreTec From Fading

One major preventing caution for CoreTec floors is to limit the amount of sunlight directly hitting your luxurious floor. You have to use curtains or blinds to reduce this impact. If you expose your floor to routine sunshine then it will quickly get fade.

It is important to block natural sunlight directly entering the room and hitting the CoreTec floor. Most of the curtains just block UV rays which are good enough for your CoreTec floors. You just need to prevent these rays throughout the day to make your floor shiny for a longer period of time.

Tips and Tricks

Your CoreTec floor looks fantastic just keeping in mind the following tips:

  • Sweep away all the dust and dirt particles with a brush, avoid using any harder sponge
  • Handle the older stains with gentle hands
  • Must take care of spills and try to clean them up quickly.
  • Limit the UV rays directly on your CoreTec floors with the help of curtains and blinds
  • Must polish this CoreTec floor in a year or so.
  • Avoid applying any bleach or harsh chemicals directly on your CoreTec floors.

Wrap it Up

One great way to show off a luxurious look inside your home is to install CoreTec floors. You need to take proper care of such kind of floor To keep your CoreTec clean from all types of germs and dirt you have to follow proper methods for its maintenance.

It is important to clean CoreTec floors in the right way. Here in this interesting guide, I have tried my best to explain all possible ways to clean this type of flooring. You can also check CoreTec vinyl flooring reviews here to make your decision easy.

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