How to Clean and Shine Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Engineered hardwood floors are the top-notch option for many households because, in terms of durability and appearance, it is beyond every flooring choice or alternative. So, you have recently installed this flooring; now what?

It is critical to keep the shine of Engineered hardwood floors by adopting a reasonable cleaning strategy. The right vacuum cleaner specially designed to clean Engineered wood floors , a little portion of vinegar, and a heavy-duty cleaner are essential for cleaned and shiny Wood floors.

I have installed this flooring in my living area, so I will disclose a few cleaning routines I always follow to retain their shine. Let’s quickly begin our guide because a lot is coming your way.

The Best Way to Clean and Shine Engineered Hardwood Floors

Cleaning the hardwood floors won’t be a challenging task. Get all the items before starting to begin the work easily.

Tools Required

  • A vacuum cleaner/sweeper
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Suitable cleaner
  • Sanding

Now you are all ready to start the work. Let’s look at those easy-to-follow strategies that will keep your wooden floors alive.

1- Use an Appropriate Vacuum Cleaner

Our cleaning procedure is never complete without a vacuum cleaner because it is the straightforward way to pick all the loose dust chunks from the floors, carpets, sofas, etc. Never use steam mops on wood floors, as they are highly non-recommended.

I use the recommended cleaner every day because dust appears daily. If you ignore it even for a day, it will cause trouble by becoming hard stains. You can ask the manufacturer as he can better suggest the right vacuum cleaner. Daily use of cleaner will always keep the shine of floors.

If you don’t have a vacuum, pick a sweeper, as it is also good to clean day-to-day dust.

2- Prepare a Homemade Solution

There is nothing new about this cleaning solution because you must have been listening to use vinegar with Baking soda for cleaning purposes. The powerful acids in vinegar help cover every stain caused for whatever reason.

To make Vinegar decisive, you can add Baking soda. Take an equal amount of water and vinegar and spread it on the floor; with the help of a mop. Cleanse every spot, and remember to rinse the floor. Your floor will shine like never before.

Homemade Cleaning Solution for engineered hardwood floors

Whenever my floor looks dull, I instantly follow this method and get the same glossy touch that has been missing. It is my favorite way of cleaning expensive and beautiful wooden floors. Moreover, it is the natural way to clean Engineered floors.

3- Pick the Right Floor Cleaner

Many people prefer readymade cleaners from stores available at a cheap rate. Are you one of those? I have a solution for them as well. While installing the floors, always ask the manufacturer for a suitable cleaning solution because not every solution is correct.

Once you have purchased the solution, do testing because a few cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can damage the surface. Use it on a hidden part and wait for the results. If nothing happens, you can go with the product.

4- Cover Important Floor Parts

A few spots of floors should be fully covered, especially where foot traffic is maximum. For instance, on the door entrance, you can place beautiful rugs or mats matched with the floor color. These rugs will shield your floor from heavy foot traffic.

I have purchased a beautiful rug from a local market which has made me convenient.

5- Regular Resanding is Essential

Unfortunately, even regular and appropriate cleaning can cause major damage to your wood floors, especially when you mistakenly pull furniture. The only solution is to regularly sand or refinish the floors, especially if the damage is big.

sand the engineered hardwood floors

My daughter dropped her heavy toy on the floor, and instantly a crack appeared. I applied a lot of remedies, but they didn’t work. I resanded the surface to get rid of this mess, and it worked out. Hence, besides cleaning, regular sanding is also essential.

Can You Steam Hardwood Floors?

I have read this debate on the internet many times about whether a steam mop is good for the floors. A product can’t be fully inappropriate, but its usage can only be limited to a few options.

You can use a steam mop on many floorings, including solid hardwood floors, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, etc., but for engineered hardwood floors, never make this mistake.

This flooring can not resist heat and moisture, so it will destroy your beautiful floors. My friend made this mistake, and it cost her. For your convenience, let me share a few options where using a steam mop is prohibited.

Floors Bad for Steam Mopping

  • Engineered hardwood floors
  • Vinyl adhesive tiles
  • Laminate floors
  • Painted floors

Floors Good for Steam Mopping

  • Solid hardwood floors
  • Grout lines
  • Concrete floors
  • Marble tiles
  • Porcelain tiles

How to Protect Your Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is costly, so never take it for granted. You must observe all the protective measures to keep them in their original form. You do not need to scroll to another site because we have covered you.

1- Use Felt Protector Pads

It is a soft anti-scratch pad that you can fix on your Engineered wood flooring to cover them from scratches and heavy foot traffic.

I have fixed these pads in my living room flooring and am tension-free. The cozy and warm vibes of the flooring after using these pads are fantastic.

These pads are composed of recycled materials, so sustainability is the main point. They are used in living rooms and bedrooms where foot traffic is always high. Moreover, it supports heavy objects, including sofas and furniture.

2- Place Rugs or Mats

I purchased beautiful door mats for my floors to become free from scratches and other scuffs. It is worth following the method, especially if your friends and family keep visiting you.

Mats for engineered hardwood floors

I would suggest Microbe Killing power mats so all the bacteria and chemicals can be killed enter from shoes.

3- Use Recommended Vacuum Cleaner

Remember to ask for the best vacuum for your Engineered wooden floors instead of experimenting because the floor is the most delicate part; your little negligence will cost you.

You should buy a cleaner that the manufacturer recommends. Be attentive to the attachments because a few attachments ate not worth using on these surfaces.

Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

It is important to acknowledge what you must do to protect your floors, but knowing which things to avoid is equally necessary.

I will examine a few mistakes people often make without knowing how bad they will result. Check them below.

1- Wearing High Heels

High heels are the biggest enemy of wooden floors, so keep them away. Undoubtedly, wood floors can easily withstand heavy foot traffic, but when you put the pressure of long heels on the floor, it causes scratches leaving the surface difficult to repair.

Never wear long heels over Engineered hardwood floors if you want to cover your expensive floors from dents.

2- Pet Nails

Are you a pet lover? Ensure they have short nails because pets with long nails will make scratches on the floor and create dents. I am also a pet lover and have a cat who keeps roaming all over the house, but I always make sure it doesn’t harm my expensive wooden floors.

3- Dragged Furniture

Many people drag a chair or Sofa while sitting, which results in a scratched floor without even realizing it. The solution is keeping furniture pads under the legs to cover your floors from marks.

dragged furniture

Moreover, never drag any heavy furniture; if there is no one around, wait for them because your floors are too precious.

4- Spilled Liquid

While having a juice or cold drink, sometimes we mistakenly drop a spill on the floor without immediately cleaning it, and it results in a big stain that becomes complicated to clear. I experienced this issue when my toddler made this mistake, and I avoided it.

As soon as you see any spilled liquid, wash it before it becomes hard or permanent. You must always have a compatible cleaner at home to quickly perform this job.

5- Dirt Particles and Debris

Here is the last mistake that has the most significance. Dust and debris are common issues in a household that does not care about regular cleaning. If you avoid dirt for a long time, it will cost you afterward.

Daily mop your adorable hardwood floors and remember to vacuum them at least once a week. Monthly deep cleaning is recommended so that every invisible dust particle can disappear.

These are a few mistakes I have seen people making, so you should avoid them to clean and shine your Engineered flooring.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I have discussed the topic comprehensively, but I also have questions that might assist you. Please have a look at them.

What is the Right Way to Clean Engineered Floors?

The accurate way to clean your beautiful floors is by using a vacuum cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Daily vacuuming is enough to keep the floors dust-free and retain their shine. You can prepare a mixture of Vinegar and Baking Soda to give a more glossy touch.

Moreover, readymade solutions are in the market that you can pick with proper testing. You need nothing else if you are doing these above things rightly.

How to Get Back the Shiny Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Vinegar is powerful enough to give the same shine back if used appropriately. Mixing it in baking soda and warm water will be a treat. You can also pick the right cleaner from stores that go well with Engineered flooring. These products are enough to bring back the shine.

Can We Mop Engineered Hardwood Floors?

You can use a simple damp mop on these mops, but steam mopping is strictly prohibited. It will destroy the surface, and you won’t get the same look again. I have never mopped my floors as I always prefer a vacuum cleaner on Engineered flooring.

Can I Use Oil on Engineered Hardwood Floors?

You can oil the planks but be sure about the finishing. If you have done lacquered finish, do not oil your planks because you will need to sand the planks also.

Is Water Bad for Engineered Floors?

These floors are 100% water-resistant, but I can’t say they are waterproof, so it better keep excessive water away from these floors. That’s why steam mopping is also not good for them.

Final Thoughts About Engineered Hardwood Floors

Whether you have already installed these floors or are about to begin the installation, this guide will administer you fully. I have talked about every scenario in this guide for your ease. Hardwood floors are the most expensive, so give them extra time.

The cleaning process is simple, like many other flooring choices. Many people can’t afford a vacuum cleaner, so use a sweeper. If you are doubtful of shop cleaners, make it home with the method discussed above.

All the points are clear now. Follow the methods and enjoy your shiny and clean floors.

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