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Where the maintenance of your property is the issue, there are a lot of duties to be performed. There shall be work such as caring for the landscape. There is more to it than simply mowing the lawn or timing the trees and shrubs. This is why you should make a point of contracting a sod delivery, plant nursery and topsoil yard services provider. Here we shall look at some of the things you gain when you take up their sod delivery services.

Sod shall cost you way more than grass seed. They, fortunately, comes with some amazing benefits you would not get from the grass seeds. You, therefore, should think of making this investment for your property.
It for one gives you an instant lawn. You can have a bare patch of ground looking immaculate in an instant. Seeded lawns need a few weeks before you can see any green on them. It shall also remain ugly as the patches of grass sprout. You have to keep those patches and seeds protected by the use of straw, which adds to the ugliness already there. Sod, on the other hand, shall not subject the lawn to all that.

There is also no need for complicated irrigation on the sod. Sod will not be so hard to care for the same way grass seeds are. You shall have to irrigate them regularly until the roots attach, after which you will not have to do so much. Grass seed lawns need to be watered about two times more than you do a sod lawn. Sod shall thus lead to more savings, since you do not have to use so much water or labor on them.

There will also be faster use of the lawn when compared to the grass seed ones. Grass seeds often give delicate leaves that should not be stepped on for a while. They should be given time to establish and become tough. Sod comes already tough. They only need the roots to hold position, and you are ready to use the yard. You shall start with light activities. After that, it shall be free to be used as you wish.

Sod shall serve as a barrier for the soil under it. Grass seeds get disbursed on top of the soil. This allows the soil, and even the seeds, to be swept off by wind. It takes a while for the seeds to germinate and have firm roots. Sod, on the other hand, comes as a thick mat of established grass. This is a good cover against the wind that would sweep off the soil. It shall also lead to there being less dirt and mud in the house when you cross the lawn.

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