8 Heavy Construction Equipment Every Contractor Needs

The construction industry is expected to boom over the next few years because of the economy is waking up from its pandemic-era malaise. That means as a contractor, you need to be ready to build anything if you want to grow your business. There are many opportunities out there, but if you are not positioned to take advantage, then you could be left in the dust.


One of the ways to be prepared is by having the right equipment ready to go for any job you might take on. It will reduce delays and make the job easier. In fact, having the proper equipment in place for a project is also safer for you and your employees. So, if you are going to be taking on big construction projects, then here is the heavy construction equipment that every contractor needs.


For many big construction projects, the first step is removing everything that is in the space before starting to build. That’s where an excavator comes into play. For example, an excavator can dig holes to put in a basement or pour foundation. It can also help remove debris, demolishing, lifting heavy items, and even dredge waterways. Essentially, an excavator is vital for removing anything on the site that will impede the work that is to come shortly after.

Backhoe Loader

A backhoe can also be used for digging and removing debris from a project site. It was a hoe mounted on the vehicle’s rear and a loader on the front. That way, it can dig what you need and then have it loaded and ready to be carted off for disposal or displacement. A backhoe can also be used to drill holes and lift heavy objects and equipment. It has many purposes, any number of reasons are extremely valuable on the job site.

Boom Lift

As the name would imply, a boom lift is a mechanism for lifting things up in the air. It can also be called a cherry picker. On any construction site, workers may need to get up to elevated areas to do their jobs. Boom lifts can be telescoping or articulating and keep operators safe with a railing system. They can also be used to move equipment and materials to other levels of a project. Ensure that any operator using a boom lift is properly trained for working at heights.


Once you’ve demolished a project site, you will need to remove all of the excess soil and debris before you get started on building. A bulldozer has a blade attached to the front that helps you push all of that material away from the immediate site to where you need it to be. The blade can also be used to remove the very top layer of soil to prepare for it to be graded or dug out. Bulldozers are also very handy and break up concrete or rock before removing it.


If there’s one thing to be sure of on a big job site, it’s that there will be many heavy objects nearby. If you need to move those heavy things, then you should have a forklift on site. Heavy items can include materials, equipment, debris, and even other smaller vehicles. There is also bound to be abnormally-sized objects on site that need to be moved from place to place. Forklift extensions can easily be attached to your forklift to allow for better leverage when lifting large objects that your forks would otherwise not be long enough to lift.


Graders are commonly used for road construction projects and for any situation where you have to lay concrete or asphalt, such as parking lots and access roads. You need the ground to be even and to slope naturally if necessary. A grader has a blade on the underside that scrapes the ground’s surface to remove the top layer and keep the surface smooth and even. Without this piece of equipment, roads, and parking lots would be very bumpy for the vehicles that drive on top of them.

Light Towers

There comes a time in every project where everything gets delayed. Unfortunately, it seems that the bigger the project, the longer the delay. This means that the team will have to play catch up to get things back on schedule and back on budget. If you can, you can schedule work to be done later in the evening. However, to do it well and to do it safely, you will need light. Towable light towers are perfect in that they can be moved to wherever you need them, and they give off a directed beam that will fully illuminate the locations where your teams are working.


Even if your project doesn’t specifically involve working on a parking lot or a driveway, it may be necessary to damage them or dig them up. Afterward, you will have to repair them. That’s where a paver can help. First, you can lay asphalt using the dispersion augers located on the paver. Then, after the asphalt is dispersed, a paver has a large roller on the back that compacts the asphalt down into place and keeps it even as you go.


Being a contractor is no easy job. You have to understand the designs, manage your staff, consult with the client, and make sure that safety protocols are being followed. You need all the help you can get, and not having the right equipment can spell disaster for a project and also for your reputation. Make sure you have the equipment in place that you will most commonly need so that you can keep your project on time and do the best work possible.

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