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Everything you need to Know about Elder Law

In preparation for life after retirement or sudden death, it is essential to seek the services of an elder law attorney. Some of the areas an attorney practicing elder law may be knowledgeable in our estate planning, social security, long term care, employment discrimination, elder abuse or fraud and grandparents visitation rights. It is sometimes confusing and overwhelming to carry out estate planning the size of the assets notwithstanding, as one needs to manage them once they are old or after they die. Estate planning more often than not is the preparation of a will that needs to be done with the guidance of an elder law attorney.

Any citizen above the age of sixty-one years and nine months old qualifies to apply for the social security benefits. An elder law attorney can aid in making sure you rip the maximum benefits one receives when you become disabled after reaching full retirement age. The transition from home to any long term care facility should be effortless, and to achieve this an elder law attorney is needed. It is advisable to have long term insurance as the cost implications of joining a long term care facility are high. It is important to note that the older you get and the preexisting conditions you may have and your general health are factors that affect the policy premiums

An individual above the age of forty years should not be discriminated against especially at work. An elder law attorney should help assist assess your claims should you be discriminated against due to age. Elderly people sometimes face mistreatments such as financial, sexual, physical and emotional mistreatment and sometimes neglect and abandonment. An elder law attorney is vital in curbing this situation as they can assist contact the relevant authorities and try to recover some of the lost funds. Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren can be strained when there is a fallout between the grandparents and their children or sudden death of a child or bitter disagreements and divorce. Grandparents may seek the services of an elder law attorney to determine their visitation rights.

Prior to settling on an elder law attorney, it is crucial that you find out how long they have been practicing. It is important to know the rates of the attorney before hiring them. It is of great value to you as the client to know how long the attorney takes to resolve a specific issue and if there are other available solutions. Also find out if the attorney is certified and what bar he has been admitted to and if he is a member of any organizations if any.

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