6 Easy Ways to Care for Indoor Monstera Plants

Besides being able to make the atmosphere more fresh, indoor plants are also often used to add color to the interior of the house. Well, one of the most popular indoor plants is Monstera deliciosa.

The leaves are wide and hollow so the main attraction for residents of the house and visiting guests. However, it takes effort so that monstera leaves can actually grow fresh and beautiful. For those of you who want to grow monstera at home, pay attention to how to care for it.

Here’s how to care for monstera plants everyday so that monstera looks beautiful.

1. Put it in a place that has enough light

Monstera doesn’t really like direct sunlight, but she still needs adequate lighting so that her shadows can be good. For that, put the monstera next to a window or corner of the house that has bright enough light.

2. Pay attention to the water content when doing the watering process

It’s better to do watering regularly but not too often, once a week for example. Also make sure that there is plenty of water that does not stagnate under the pot because it can rot the roots. Not during the day, the monstera will actually absorb water after being watered in the afternoon!

3. Make sure the support structure of the monstera is strong enough for the leaves to grow thick

Actually, you can use a pot, but if you want it to be stronger, you can make a space on the edge of the wall so you can plant monstera. Well, if you want to use monstera leaves to decorate the room, it’s better to wait until it loses its own leaves. It’s okay to cut it, but if you do it the wrong way, it can make the other leaves wither.

4. Provide adequate fertilizer nutrition

If you have previously mixed soil and compost, fertilizer application only needs to be done five times a year. You don’t have to use certain fertilizers, just use those that are sold in the market. It’s better to follow the instructions for using fertilizer according to the package, OK!

5. Change the pot regularly

The next way to care for monstera plants is if the roots have started to circle in the pot, it’s better to replace the pot immediately. Use a new pot that has a width of five to 50 centimeters from the previous pot, yes! When moving, try to use high-quality soil, or if you don’t have one, mix soil with a mixture of compost and sand.

6. Also clean the leaves if they start to grow big

Set aside time at least once every two weeks to clean the leaves. Because the large monstera leaves will usually be filled with dust. Well, if the leaves are clean, the house will be fresher and the green leaves are also pleasing to the eye.

Actually, how to care for this monstera plant is not difficult. If you have done the above methods, you will also get a monstera with beautiful and wide leaves like those in modern cafes. Lastly, make sure there are no weeds that disturb your monsters, OK! Let’s not quickly wither and yellow leaves.