5 mistakes that make your room more cramped!

Take a look at your house. Is there a room that, when you enter and is there, feels cramped? Though maybe the size of the room is not very small. Not to mention if the room has no ventilation and feels hot because it is full of furniture or items.

If you feel that way, it means that something is not quite right with the arrangement of the rooms at home. Whatever the size of the room, don’t let the room feel cramped and cramped. Especially if it’s a room that you and your family often use. For example a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Start evaluating the room. What do you think needs to be removed, put into storage, added, or subtracted. To begin with, your room may have the following errors.

These errors may seem trivial or may not be felt by you, but it is important to overcome them immediately, yes. Living in a room that feels cramped and cramped is not good for the long term, especially for psychological conditions.

1. A narrow room filled with jumbo-sized furniture and furnishings.

Some furniture that is large in size does make the occupants of the room more comfortable. For example, a queen-sized bed, a two- or three-seater sofa, a large wardrobe that fits a lot of things that aren’t really needed, such as a dressing table. Unfortunately, if a room like your bedroom in a house is narrow, these items will only make the room too full.

Moreover, if it is rarely cleaned, the room will be dusty and stuffy. Therefore, you can adjust the size of the furniture to the size of the room. If your bedroom is not too big, install a single bed or use a one-seater sofa.

2. Didn’t realize there was a wall that could be used as an additional storage area

This error often occurs because they are not aware of the potential of the walls of the room or are too lazy to hang furniture on the wall. In fact, hanging furniture can be a solution, especially for a small room, you know. There are some furniture and fixtures that have alternatives to wall-mounted.

For example, hanging shelves to put books or other knick-knacks. A hanging wardrobe that saves more space, a wall-mounted TV rack, or maybe a folding table that can be mounted on the wall so you can close it when not in use.

3. The room has no window? Calm down, do these things so the room doesn’t feel hot and stuffy

The absence of windows as ventilation does have a major influence on the temperature and air circulation of the room, but that does not mean that a room without windows is destined to be stuffy forever. Some tips you can do, for example, install a ventilation fan on the ceiling or use an exhaust fan.

Then, do things like don’t put too many things in the room. Scattered items only make the room more stuffy. Don’t forget to put plants as natural air conditioners, and use water-absorbing products to reduce humidity.

4. Choosing a dark wall color makes the room feel more cramped and stuffy. Use bright wall colors!

Who would have thought that the color of the wall paint also affects the temperature of the room. Colors like black, navy blue, dark red, or dark green may be cool for the room, but these colors absorb heat and reflect light easily. This combination makes the room hot and stuffy.

The solution is to paint the walls using paints that are light and cold in color. White is the safest and most common choice, but you can still be creative, really. For example, accent colors such as yellow, light green, light blue, or pink.

5. Using too many lights because it makes the room feel hot!

Bright lights are great for providing maximum lighting effects in a room. Unfortunately, the higher the wattage and the brighter the lamp, the hotter the room will become. The key is to choose a lamp that is the right size and brightness for your needs.

If the room is small, adjust your needs with lamps whose wattage is not too large and the brightness is appropriate. Also, use lights sparingly and take advantage of sunlight or smaller external lights.

Those are some situations that make the room feel cramped and cramped. Look again, is there a situation like this in your house? If so, just practice the methods above so that these mistakes don’t happen again in your home.