2019 – 2025 Evaluation of the worldwide HDF laminate flooring market – Kronoflooring, Armstrong, Dumaplast, Porcelanosa, CLASSEN Group, SKEMA, FLOOVER.


Contained in the global report is the general and comprehensive study of the “HDF Laminate Flooring Market”  as well as every significant area that can have an impact on the market’s development. It focuses on the systematic qualitative and quantitative assessment of the worldwide HDF laminate flooring market.

Additionally, it analyzes current advancements and at the same time evaluate the development of key players such as Kronoflooring, Armstrong, Porcelanosa, CLASSEN Group, Dumaplast, FLOOVER, FAUS, SKEMA, EGGER, PERGO, Mohawk Industries, Kronotex, KastamonuEntegre, Shaw Industries, Power Dekor, Tarkett.

The major objectives of the report are to offer the latest information and modifications relevant to the HDF Laminate Flooring Market and indicate every possibility for the market expansion.

Firstly, the report contains a summary of the market and provides relevant definitions and descriptions of the HDF Market.

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The summary aspect of the report contains the characteristics of the market such as the market patterns, driving factors, restrictions and possibilities impacted by the value chain and pricing evaluation.

The report offers a call for separate aspects of every region. Thick Flooring and sub-segments Residential, Thin Flooring, Commercial and many other aspects of the worldwide HDF Laminate Flooring Market. The report also offers useful information such as products and solutions, income and the business review of the key players in the HDF Laminate Flooring market. The worldwide report also attracts interest to several possibilities for the growth and the up to date trends of the HDF Laminate Flooring market throughout the period under review.

The HDF Laminate Flooring market is also grouped according to product or service types, areas of application, consumers, region and so on.

The growth of every segment is reviewed based on the projected growth throughout the predicted timeframe.

HDF Laminate Flooring market is also grouped based on the region such as Asia Pacific,  Latin America, North America, Middle East &Africa.

The worldwide HDF Laminate Flooring market report finally provides a comprehensive analysis of the number of sales, the size of the industry, evaluation of the demand and supply, shares and value evaluation of several organizations including segmental evaluation that are relevant with key regions.

The HDF Laminate Flooring market is displayed in 15 chapters.

Chapter 1: Definition, Classifications, and Specifications of HDF Laminate Flooring, Applications of HDF Laminate Flooring, Market Segment according to Regions.

Chapter 2, Raw Material Suppliers, Manufacture Cost Structure, Manufacture Process, Structure of Industry Chain

Chapter 3, Evaluation of Manufacturing Plants and Technical Data  of HDF Laminate Flooring, Commercial Production, Capacity and Date, Distribution of Manufacturing Plants, R&D Technology Source and status, Source of Raw Materials Analysis;

Chapter 4, General Market Evaluation, Size Evaluation (Company Segment), Sales Evaluation (of Company Segment), Evaluation of Sales price (of Company Segment);

Chapter 5, 6, The Regional Market Evaluation comprising of China, Korea, and the Taiwan, United States, Europe, Japan, HDF Laminate Flooring Segment Market Evaluation (according to Type);

Chapter 7, 8, The HDF Laminate Flooring Segment Market Evaluation (According to Application) Main Evaluation of Manufacturers of HDF Laminate Flooring;

Chapter 9, Evaluation of Market Pattern, Pattern of the Regional Market, Market Pattern according to Product Type Thick Flooring, Thin Flooring, Market Pattern by Application Residential, Commercial, and so on.

Chapter 10, Evaluation of Types of Regional Promotion, Evaluation of the International and global Trade Type, Supply Chain Evaluation;

Chapter11, The Evaluation of Consumers of Global HDF Laminate Flooring;

Chapter 12, HDF Laminate Flooring Research Discoveries and Conclusion, Techniques and Information source, Appendix.

Chapter 13, 14, 15, Sales Methods, merchants, brokers, sellers of HDF Laminate Flooring, Research Discoveries and Conclusion, information source and appendix.

Estate Cleanout and Renovation at a reduced cost


Tracey was faced with putting her mom into an assisted living facility, as so many siblings are at some point in their life.  The cost of doing so in a decent environment is let’s face it, very expensive.  The typical cost for an ALF is between $2600 and $8000 per month.   This depends on your geographic location and what you consider decent.

The one asset that Tracey’s mother had, like so many elder people is their home.  So, the task had been set to sell the home for $290,000 and add Social Security, Medicaid and potentially Medicare payments to the funding of the ALF.  This required however taking the home that her mom had lived in for 25 years and getting it ready to be sold at market value.

After 25 years of living in a home there are some things that come up.  For example, just basic living lends itself to the home being dingy and over the final 10 years many repairs typically go unattended to.  Going through all the papers, junk and trash is a task that is monumental.  For example, in Tracey’s case all the furniture needed to be removed, old chemicals and paints needed to be disposed of.  Please note disposing of chemicals require a special disposal process.  These chemicals need to go to a special dump facility in south Florida.

The furniture all must be picked up disposed of in the landfill.  ECS Estate Cleanout Services provides this service.  The company eliminates the stress that the customer is feeling about let go of all the items.  In many cases, not exactly this situation the customer can become emotionally sick watching items they have had for decades being thrown out.

What was removed from the home?  Sofa, TV, Beds, Bed frames, Dresser, Nightstands, Piano, Dining room table, dining room chairs, Pots, Pans, Dishes, Glasses, Trash cans, Pictures on the walls, Carpet, Cloths, Books, Old documents, Papers, Light fixtures and many other items.  In this, there are 2 wooden decks that we on both sides of the home.  The poor design of the decks led to flooding of rainwater into the home during heavy rains and the wooden decks becoming dry rotten. ECS is your junk pick up near me.

Estate Cleanout Services was able to remove it all and then move to the next phase.

Selling your home as is

Let’s face it you can sell your home as is.  But the financial reality is that you will lose on average 30% of the value of the home.  Investors are in this to make a profit at your expense.  In the case of this property we are analyzing that would be a loss of around $87,000 dollars.  The idea that because you are selling as is does not necessarily mean that the property is going to be sold quickly.  Selling a property that is clean, without need of repair and at market value can sell just as quick as an “as is” property.  I always recommend that if your realtor is really pushing you to list your property as is, this probably means that he or she is not planning on doing much work to sell your property.  Those types of realtors just put the home on the MLS and walk away.  Their expectation is that someone else will sell the home.

A Little Renovation goes a long financial way

Tracy really needed to reach her $290,000 net price and losing $87,000 of it was not a good option for her.  So, she invested $5430.00 to have the home cleaned out and renovated.  And she put the whole cleanout and renovation on a credit card.

As part of the renovation we patched and sanded all the holes in the walls, removed the peeling paint and repaired areas in the ceiling from old roof damage.  The we replace one of the exterior doors and repaired another exterior door.  We painted the ceiling of the entire home with a sparkling white and painted all the walls throughout the home with Baer Swiss Coffee.  We replaced old and missing closet doors.  Then we changed the dining room light fixtures, the bathroom fixture, the bathroom tile and toilet fixtures.  We repaired the stackable washer and dryer panels, rebuilt the floors of the kitchen cabinets that had rotted through.  That repair of the kitchen cabinets saved her thousands of dollars in not having to replace the cabinets.  We cleaned everything to a sparkling glow.

ECS saved Tracy money by repairing many items instead of replacing them.  For example, instead of replacing vanities in the 2 bathrooms we were able to repair and clean them up.  Instead of replacing the entire kitchen cabinets, we were able to repair the rotted wood and restore the cabinets.  We were able to repair the stackable washer and driver instead of replacing it.  This allowed for Tracy to refocus funds to 2 beautiful patios on both sides of the house.