10 Types of Light Bulbs for Your Illumination Needs

Ever since its discovery and commercialization, light bulbs have developed quite a bit. Today, manufacturers have different types of light bulbs, each one unique and serving humans in different ways. If you want to keep your house, façade, garden and front yard well illuminated, choosing the right bulb is a crucial task that should be taken seriously. The next time you’re in the market for some light bulbs, you’ll be very glad you know all about the different types, so take notes. 

Incandescent light bulbs

Probably the most popular type of light bulb, incandescent lights use a special filament system that produces light when the heat of the electricity is added to them. Typically, incandescent bulbs have a wattage ranging from 40 to 110w, which is perfect for almost any household. These lights also compliment the skin tone very well so they are often used by makeup artists. 


Despite being popular today, LEDs still have a long way to go if they want to catch up with incandescent bulbs. LED stands for “light emitting diode” which has many advantages, the most prominent one being its long life. When using LEDs, the illumination slowly goes down until it dies fully, yet still, it’s one of the most durable and energy-efficient bulbs, being able to last the user for 5 to 10 years. LEDs also come in many shapes and forms, many of them waterproof, so you can even use them outside or in the pool. 

Compact fluorescent bulbs

If LEDs are too bright for your liking, you can try compact fluorescent bulbs which are not as bright (or expensive) as LEDs yet they are brighter than incandescent ones. The way these bulbs emit light is from the reaction between mercury and argon, two gases in the bulb, producing illumination. Fluorescent bulbs emit lights in different tones thanks to diffusion. While you can only get warm lighting from incandescent bulbs, the bulbs in question can range from warm, cool, white, etc. 

Halogen light bulbs

Being some of the brightest bulbs out there, if you opt for halogen light bulbs, you can expect to receive white light resembling daylight. This makes such bulbs perfect for offices, schools, but also outdoor lighting and even swimming pools (they provide bright and diffused underwater illumination). Halogen lights are mostly used as task lighting that requires the user to stay alert and focused. However, they do get heated easily, which can lead to a shorter usage life. But if you experience broken halogen lights too often, feel free to call an experienced electrician to check out your lighting. They will inspect your lighting points and discover the issue that causes your halogen lights to go out too soon. 

Wi-Fi-capable bulbs

Due to the rising “smart home” trends, these Wi-Fi-capable lights are gaining a lot of popularity. They can connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop or be controlled with a special remote. These bulbs fit into most standard sockets, so there’s no need for any connection renovations. Wi-Fi-capable bulbs are still in development, but even today, they are practical and beloved by users. 

Mercury light bulbs

We’ve already talked about fluorescent bulbs, but mercury lights have other types too, such as high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. This model of the bulb is pumped with pressurized sodium, metal halide and mercury, which together create bright illumination of diffused yet strong light. Thanks to their brightness, these bulbs are often used in street, park and parking illumination. 

Spotlight bulbs

Spotlights are created by placing together long light bulbs, focusing on one spot. These are great for kitchen or hallway illumination at home, yet they are cheaper than halogen because of their energy efficiency. Larger versions of spotlight bulbs are mostly used for stage and exhibition illumination because they can be highly focused. 

Corn lamps

This type of LED contains a bunch of smaller LEDs placed in a metal structure. Thanks to this design, your lamp can illuminate a lot of space at once without having to boost your lumen. These bulbs are common in sports, street, garage, parking lot and other open space illumination. They also light up instantly and don’t boost the heat. 

Flame-shaped bulbs

If you’re looking for a very modern design for your bulb, flame-shaped bulbs will provide. They look like a candle flame, with their elegant look and soft appearance that comes without a fire hazard. These bulbs do have a short usage life, but they are simply perfect for atmosphere lighting

Reflector bulbs

Finally, we have reflector bulbs that have a silver surface that points the light in the desired direction. Being used similarly to spotlights, reflector lights look more like your regular bulb. Their main purpose is to draw the eyes to certain features, but they can be quite expensive and they are not ideal as general illumination. 


So the next time you need to buy some light bulbs to illuminate your space, you’ll know just what to look for. Have a bright and illuminated day! 

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